Fountain Wars Competition

Fountain Wars

Fountain Wars is only open to undergraduates and is open to all majors. The only thing that is necessary is a ASABE Membership!

Fountain Wars is a hands-on, real-time design competition where students design and model their entry on-site at the Annual International Meeting (AIM), and build and test their actual entry under time pressure during the competition at the AIM.  Teams will arrive at the competition with a design for their fountain, along with the necessary PVC pipe, couplers, fittings, valves, nozzles, and pumps to assemble their design. After making a brief, marketing-style promotion, they will construct their system during a 120-minute construction period.

This year the two technical tasks are:

Beach Ball High Jump
The challenge is to launch a beach ball over a high jump standard. Task points will be accumulated based on the number of attempts, the number of successful jumps, and the total accumulated height of successful jumps.

Rescuing the Dolphin
The challenge is to rescue a dolphin from a vertical pipe by raising the water level in the pipe (Figure 2). Task points will be accumulated based on the number of inches of water in the drain pipe holding the dolphin, successful rescue of the dolphin and shortest time of rescue.

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